What we do

feeding the children
Go Vegan - stop animal cruelty

We are dedicated to caring for all lives, human and non-human. Through vegan advocacy and local programs such as child welfare initiatives, teenage counselling, the education and empowerment of women, schooling for children, and plant-based food distribution, we help and support orphans and other children, young people and single-mothers.

And we do it without harming other animals 🙂

Photo by Petra from pixabay.com

Unfortunately, this charity’s vegan mission has angered some dangerous individuals who have threatened and committed violence against people and property connected to it.

Therefore, for the time being, to access the rest of this site, log-in will be required. Donations can still be made here without logging in. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Unlike large well-endowed charitable organizations that have their own offices and physical infrastructure, we at LUV4ALL: UGANDA operate within already existing institutions. To achieve our goals and objectives, our volunteers (we have no paid staff) work directly with various rural and urban communities and institutions such as NGOs, Community-based organizations (CBOs), primary, secondary, and high schools, as well as faith-based institutions.

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