Our vegan feeding program is designed to give around 200 children a healthy meal while we teach them how important it is to adopt the vegan lifestyle for their health, the health of future generations and the environment, and the protection of animals. Our plan is to have a vegan feeding day every month, but lack of funds have prevented us from doing it this often. This one took place on the 16th of April. Our Luv4all: Uganda volunteers, pictured above, prepare the food and serve the children.

Moses, making sure that Joseph is enjoying his nosh.
A much-needed healthy delicious vegan meal.
Little Matthew, really getting stuck in. Yum!

In our little community in Kassanda District, Uganda, over 100 children can’t afford two meals a day. Many live hungry and sleep hungry, so we desperately need help to feed them regularly.

Our school is part of this program because, when funds are available, we give the pupils breakfast (porridge) and lunch, but because we currently do not have the funds, for the last six days we have not been able to do this, which means they study hungry.

Please consider donating to Luv4all: Uganda, and help us make sure no one goes hungry.

Thank you. God bless you.

Musisi Mike

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