So, the 9th of May arrived and Atlas was ready – well, it had met the minimum requirements demanded by the Ministry of Education, so they were able to let the kids come back to school.

Whilst they were hugely relieved that they could do that, things were far from ideal. They had spent everything they had on building work, so they couldn’t afford to buy any new exercise books or pencils. They were also running out of food.

When I first started volunteering for this charity, I had no idea what life is like in Uganda. Luv4all: Uganda supports a community with no clean water source, and where many can’t afford two meals a day.

smiling children

Imagine if you grew up where there was no free education. Imagine how much you would treasure the opportunity to learn if you got it. These children – primary school children – walk between one and six miles to get to school. School starts at 7am so some of them are leaving home at 5!

The school gives them porridge for breakfast and another meal with beans for lunch. Ideally. But Atlas has run out of money so these children are going hungry. Can you imagine that? Walking miles to school, trying to learn your lessons, and then walking miles back home at the end of the day – on an empty stomach? When you’re six, seven, eight years old?

There are close to 200 children registered at Atlas Vegan Community School. They are tired, hungry and eager to learn. Will you enable them to do that by donating $10 a month? If at least 100 people will donate $10 a month, that will cover the monthly running costs of this school – including food and teachers’ salaries.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.

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