One of Atlas Vegan Community School’s class teachers, Boris, tells us about the progress they are making and the difficulties they continue to face.

He is a maths and English teacher and is pleased to tell us the children, some of whom were so deprived of education that they couldn’t even write their own names, are now making progress.

But the school is still very short of text books and exercise books, and often has nothing to feed the children.

The children at Atlas school have a very long day. School starts at 7am and finishes at 4pm, and they have to walk miles to get there. For this reason, they have porridge when they arrive, and another vegan meal in the middle of the day. Except when there is no food.

Imagine having to walk all that way, and study all day, on an empty stomach!

Please help us to feed and educate our children. Our school costs around $1000 a month to run, including teachers’ salaries, so if we could get 100 people to pledge just $10 a month, $2.50 a week, 36 cents a day, these costs would be covered, and our children and teachers would not go hungry. Please donate $10, every month, so that we have an income we can depend upon.

Please share our appeal.

Thank you so much.

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