Said Oliver Twist to the porridge server, and we’re saying the same 🙂

Our school’s children need more food.

As you have read in recent posts, we have got our seats and desks, we’ve got our water tank, and our kitchen has a roof – thank God. And we have a field of beans which we hope will in future supply at least some of the school’s food. But it’s going to be months before they’re ready to harvest and in the meantime our children are hungry again.

We are so grateful for all the generous donations we have received which have enabled us to do so much, but sadly we still don’t have a regular income we can rely on. $1000 a month would cover our food costs and the teachers’ salaries. If we could persuade just 100 people to commit to a monthly donation of $10, that would be problem solved.

feeding the school children

Seven year old Tony, pictured above, loves going to school but if he doesn’t get his porridge after his four mile walk to get there in the morning, he finds it very difficult to concentrate. When funds allow, we provide a porridge breakfast and a lunch of grains and beans for our children. Can you spare 36 cents a day to help us do that?

If you’d like to help, pop over to our Giving Way appeal Beans and Grains for Hungry Brains.

Thank you so much <3

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