pupils at Atlas vegan community school
pupils at Atlas vegan community school

Isn’t school great? 😀 Well, the first great thing about Atlas Vegan Community School, is breakfast!

vegan community school Uganda

After their long walk to school of between one and six miles, our pupils’ day starts with a good vegan breakfast. This must first be prepared by our cook in the little kitchen which she’s very glad now has a roof 😀 First, her helpful son makes a fire to cook the porridge, and then, in almost no time at all, breakfast is served!

vegan school lessons
vegan school activism

Once little tummies are satisfied, lessons can begin! And there might even be time for a little animal activism at the end of the day. SAY NO TO MEAT PRODUCTION! 😀

Atlas vegan community school teachers Uganda

Atlas Vegan Community School’s teachers thank you for your support and wish you peace and happiness 😀

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