Our school has suffered trespass and vandalism since we opened but there has now been an attempt to poison the children’s food which is extremely frightening. Our cook caught them as they were about to pour poisonous liquid into the food and they ran away. We have informed the police and the Education Authority and they have told us we must put up a fence for the children’s safety.

We can only guess at the poisoner’s motives but believe they just want to be rid of the school so that they can grab the land.

The problem is – as always – money. We have four acres of land and have been told it will cost around $12,000 to fence. This is our priority.

Please donate what you can, no gift too small, and share our appeal to protect Uganda’s first vegan school and its children from harm.

Help us raise the $12,000 we need by donating to Love for All Uganda via PayPal Me.

Thank you so much

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