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Government funded schools in Uganda are few and far between, and their frequently-absent teachers provide poor education. So in 2018, under our charity’s former name of Free Born Children’s Ministry, we started Atlas Community School. This was treasured by the children in our community but sadly we were evicted from our rented premises in early 2022. Luv4all: Uganda is therefore striving to keep the Atlas school open by rebuilding it on our own land. Our new vegan primary school will provide full-time, good quality, compassionate education to the children of Kassanda District.

We believe, as we witness world crises which are completely preventable, we have to teach our children a better way forward. Farmed animals in Uganda are completely unprotected. Grazing on whatever they can find in the forests, they are often injured by wild animals and bitten by snakes. Many are so neglected they are almost starved. The cruelty used when taking these animals to slaughter is abhorrent. Cows tied to trucks by their tails on their 67km journey to the abattoir; pigs killed with axes or stabbed through their ears with spears; chickens thrown alive into boiling water to make them easier to pluck. These barbaric and soul-destroying jobs are done by people who have never been to school.

The human population in Uganda suffers many infections from eating and producing animal products. Tape worms are common in children, and zoonotic pathogens like brucellosis frequently infect people. There’s bird flu every year, and sleeping sickness caused by the insects which farmed animals attract. And then came covid-19: the latest zoonotic disease to plague the world’s human population, but you know it won’t be the last. Or the worst.

Luv4all: Uganda intends to break this cycle of extreme cruelty and disease, and teach a new generation of Ugandan children that there is a better way. Our new school will teach children about plant-based diets because they are the only healthy option. Crops are plentiful and cheap since many African families are growers, and they have no health complications. As well as literacy and numeracy, we will teach the children how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and make healthy meals.

What we’ve achieved so far

land purchase March 22
building the school

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we managed to raise enough money to buy the land and begin building. We now have compost latrines and some temporary classrooms on site which have enabled us to reopen the school. Follow our blog for more details of our progress.

But we still have a long way to go. We need textbooks, exercise books, pencils and food for our students (we feed them breakfast – porridge – and lunch when funds allow). As well as proper permanent classrooms, we need to build teachers’ quarters and dormitories for those children who have great distances to travel. Of course there are also the monthly running costs which, including food and teachers’ salaries, comes to around $1000 US. It’s a huge project but we have dared to dream, and that’s how every great undertaking begins.

We apply for grants whenever possible, but they are very hard to come by so please donate if you can, and share our appeal on social media, so that we can cover the school’s running costs and complete this project.

Thank you so much.

God bless you.

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  1. Can I start a GoFundMe campaign to fundraise for the school? Perhaps I could twin the school with a vegan eco school in Benin! I’m also a very good vegan cook who has studied nutrition on BSc (Hons). Would love to support the school in some way.

    1. Dear Malieka,
      I am so so sorry for my delay in replying to you. Thank you so much for your message, we would be absolutely thrilled to receive help from you. If you can help in any way at all, that would be wonderful. Thank you again.

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