Juliet Gellatley of Viva! visited our school

* In November Juliet Gellatley, Director and Founder of Viva! – Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals – visited Atlas Vegan Community School to meet the children and staff and to see the fence their funds had paid for. It was wonderful to meet her and her colleagues in person and to share with them what we are doing. The following photos will give you some…

Supreme Master TV – part 2 of 2

Thank you so much Supreme Master TV for sharing our work with all your viewers and for the so generous $10,000 award which we so desperately need and for which we are so very grateful. https://suprememastertv.com/en1/v/217103825162.html

Supreme Master TV – part 1 of 2

Our Musisi Mike was interviewed on Supreme Master TV in Asia and we are thrilled to share the first of two videos with you now. Thank you so so much Supreme Master TV for supporting LUV4ALL: Uganda, for sharing our work with all your followers and for the very generous award which is much needed by our vegan community school.

Nutritious Delicious

An anonymous donor from the UK told us to buy oat mylk and soya mylk for the children with her money and we were very glad to do so. * The Head Boy and Head Girl of Atlas Vegan Community School helped their teacher mix the powdered mylk with maize flour to make a tasty and nutritious porridge for the children’s breakfast. Then, with their…

Our Musisi Mike visits Kikumbi Children’s Home

Mike was invited to speak to the children at Kikumbi Children’s Home in Mityana District about how to go vegan and why it is so important. Vegan advocancy from Luv4all UG on Vimeo. He talked about showing love and kindness to animals and explained how to transition to plant-based eating for the sake of their own health, for the sake of the animals, and for…

Join the Waggle Dance

Remember I told you we were collaborating with Bonobo TV Publishing to raise awareness about the plight of bees? Well here it is, at long last, the video of children from Atlas Vegan Community School performing the Waggle Dance:

Seed Loans

* As part of our work to create food security and to encourage our local community to adopt plant-based diets, we loan people seeds. This enables them to grow their own healthy food and afterwards they give us back some of their new seeds so that we can lend them to someone else. * This is such a simple, low-cost idea and we are thrilled…

Give bees a chance

* We are honoured to have been invited to collaborate with bonobo.tv in their vital campaign to save the bees. Without bees and other pollinators, our lives, and those of other Earthlings, would be in serious jeopardy. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, birds and bats help plants reproduce. Whilst foraging for nectar they transfer pollen from the male to the female parts of flowers.…