Child Sponsorship

In addition to setting up our own school, we sponsor some children who attend other schools. By sponsoring them, we enable them to get an education and improve their lives. At the moment we are sponsoring 15 children at different schools.


We reach out to different primary and secondary schools, when they allow us the opportunity to visit them, with presentations of vegan information and films. The challenge is that we have we don’t have our own projector or screen, so we can only show films if the school possesses these things.

We appeal to companies abroad for donations of vegan books to share and we encourage the students to write their own plays and essays about veganism so that, in future, we will have more literature with which to encourage cruelty-free, healthy living.

We have been given a selection of vegan storybooks from the publisher Little Chicken which help our children learn to read, while at the same time teaching compassion for animals. These are invaluable and we hope that other producers of vegan literature will donate some of their books and pamphlets to us too. All of Little Chicken‘s ebooks are sold in aid of LUV4ALL: Uganda.

In addition, we also do vegan outreach in the streets of Mityana district, talking to meat sellers, drinkers, workers and children on their way home from school.

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