empowerment of women
empowerment of women - teaching new skills
empowerment of women - education


We help women of all ages to become self-sufficient by teaching them skills, such as hairdressing and cooking, by which they can earn a living. We advise them how to make the most of their income to provide for themselves and their children. One example of this is the Earthling Vegan Bakery:

Earthling vegan bakery provides employment
women working at the Earthling vegan bakery
Women earning their living by baking cakes and other foods.


We want to provide girls with reusable sanitary pads to preserve their dignity, and so that they don’t have to miss school during their period. But this, like all our projects, needs more resources. If you are an organisation which sells reusable sanitary pads or period pants and you would like to donate some for the school girls here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you so much.

supporting adolescent girls
periods campaign banner - empowering girl child dignity in Uganda

To contact us, click here or email info@loveforalluganda.org

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