feeding the community plant-based food
Vegan Feeding Day
distributing plant-based food to hungry families


Since 2018 we have been feeding the children a vegan meal in the last week of every month, on a day we call vegan feeding day.
Our volunteers prepare and serve local food such as rice, vegetables, gnuts, beans, cassava, and bananas. At the same time we teach the children about the health benefits of the plant-based diet and how it is cruel and unnecessary to kill animals. Feeding our community, young and old, is our passion.

feeding the children healthy vegan meals


Another part of our feeding program is the distribution of sacks of dry food – grains and beans – to the needy families in our community. We have been doing this every month for two years now although, at the moment, while funds are scarce, we can’t do it so often. We support many families this way.

distributing grains and beans to local families
sacks of grains and beans for distribution
single parent family receives plant-based food


If you would like to help us keep doing this, please go to our DONATE page to find out how.

Thank you so much.

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